Santa Claus: Bringer of Presents or PR Pro?

The countdown is on, only 6 more days ’til Christmas! Time to brave the mall crowds, wrap endless gifts, and to hope that Santa brings you something shiny. Santa Claus, a figure we’ve always held on a pedastal since we were kids, that is, until someone in your family decided to crush your dreams (hi Mom!). But Santa is more than just a jolly old man bearing gifts, he’s an icon, who has garnered more attention than any other figure in history. But how does he do it? Below are some PR tips courtesy of “6 PR lessons from Santa Claus“:

  • Make a list, check it twice: Make sure you cover all angles; countless times PR pros have been caught in a situation because of stray press releases or emails being flung around. Check that you are including everyone necessary on your lists, and omitting those who are not, then check again. This can be said for emails and writing in general; always edit your writing, then check it again by having someone look over it for you. Little mistakes can get you in hot water so save yourself the effort and check your work. If Santa and his little elves could make toys for thousands of Christmas lists, you can manage your list too!
  • Plan, prepare, and deliver: Plan how you want to approach a crisis, prepare for what you are going to do about it, and deliver your results. Never promise your boss, client, or a report something that you cannot deliver within their set deadline. Santa has to plan months in advance, but in the end he always makes his deadline!
  • Ho! Ho! Ho!: The tagline that Santa is famous for. “Got milk?” “I’m lovin’ it!” “Just do it.” All are famous for the brands they are attached to. Santa is reknown for his, and though it may be corny, people always know the image attached.
  • Big rep: He’s known across the world as Santa, St. Nick, Father Christmas, etc. But still, he is the most recognizable man on the planet. It has taken time, but so does a solid reputation.

Have you learned anything else from Jolly Old St. Nick? Have anything to add to the “list”? Let us know!

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