Your Job Search Strategy

As my graduation date rapidly approaches, I can only think of ways that I can make my resume stand out, and really make an impression on employers I interview with. While an individual may be very qualified, they might miss out on a great opportunity because they didn’t know how to set themselves apart from the other applicants. Below I have outlined some tips to keep in mind before interviewing for your dream job.

  • Do your homework. If you are really interested in a company, how would you know without research? Learn about their clients, look through recent news articles they have been featured in, even research their employees on LinkedIn to see what projects and daily tasks are involved with the position.
  • Measure your success. If you did something great, let them know! It could be anything from increasing a website’s traffic by a certain percentage, or one of your blog post’s getting the most views for the day. If you have tangible evidence of success it really makes a difference as opposed to just stating things that you did on a resume.
  • Utilize your network. Even if they are family friends, let everyone know what kind of job you are looking for. You never know which one of your connections will come through.
  • Show off your work! Make sure that you have a portfolio of your best work on hand, or consider making a personal website with these documents that employers can easily view.
  • Be active in your interviews. Don’t look at them as an interrogation, you are trying to create a professional relationship with this person, so be prepared to ask questions to them as well that can help you learn more about the position.
  • Practice. Try to anticipate the tough questions that they will ask you. Some examples could include having to explain a tough situation that you were able to work through, what is your biggest weakness, etc.

What is your secret weapon when it comes to the job search?

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