Resume Tips Off the Beaten Path

With a job search looming ahead in the next few months, soon-to-be college graduates are reading every article and piece of advice on how to create the perfect resume that will land their first entry-level position. With so many tips and tricks floating around the internet, this article caught my attention because it provides three tips that aren’t often covered or discussed that I think are incredibly important to crafting the perfect resume. And although they may not be “off-beat” as the article describes them to be, they are based in common sense and the need for good resume content.

The article, 3 Off-Beat Resume Tips That You Should Know from MBA Highway focuses on the following three pieces of advice:

Choose your keywords carefully
Here’s a fun fact: your resume is read by a computer long before human eyes see it. HR reps can only handle so many applications at a time. If that number gets too high, they turn to ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to sort out the bad resumes in a batch of good ones.

The problem with ATS is that it only combs though hundreds of resumes flagging those that use the very best keywords.

Keywords can be found in the job posting itself, as well as industry-specific social networks. Additionally, using “present” language like “currently” and “recently” tell the software you’re up-to-date and relevant.

Think like an employer
The job search process is very self-involved. After all, as a job seeker, you’re thinking about you, what you want to do, where you want to work, and why someone should hire you. This is totally fine, except for the fact that employers think it’s all about them for the same reasons.

When you submit a resume that’s all about you, the employer has to work harder to figure out how it can be all about them. Think of yourself as the employer convincing themselves that a candidate is a good fit as you write your cover letter and resume. You’d be surprised how different your resume looks afterward.

Format strategically
Chances are, your resume will get about 30 seconds to a minute of an employer’s attention, if it makes it through the ATS. That’s not very long at all. If you want your resume to leave a good impression, it’s up to you to guide their attention to the most important parts.

Format your resume so that the most important points are most visible. Bold key words, change the font size… Whatever makes valuable information prominent.

What do you think about the tips shared in this article? Are there others that you would recommend? Let us know!

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