Tips on Overcoming your Underwhelming Speech

Admittedly, I’m not the best public speaker. In fact, I just finished writing my speech for class, to be presented tomorrow. I always thought that it was the delivery that mattered the most, as long as you have a lot to say, you’re in the clear. But what if you don’t have anything to say on your topic? How will you gain the attention of your audience? Check out these tips on how to “deliver an exciting speech on a dull topic“:

  • Put a face on your topic: Connect the subject of your speech to your audience; give them a reason to listen to you or empathize with your call to action. In my case, I told a story of someone who was affected by my topic. Not only does this serve as an effective attention-getter, it also helps your audience to remember your speech over a run-of-the mill informational presentation.
  • Take your time: You want to respect your audience’s time and get your speech over with. However, if you rush through your speech so fast that you garble your words and neglect to emphasize key points, you will have defeated your purpose. Slow and steady wins the race; pace yourself and make it easy for your listeners to understand the important areas of your speech by both physically and vocally stressing your words.
  • Don’t rely on your PowerPoint: My teacher stresses this, use your visual aid, but don’t depend on it. You should definitely interact with it, show pictures, videos, main points, etc. but try not to read straight off your notes. By declining in your extemporaneous mode, you will lose your connection with your listeners and fail to communicate your points.

Do you have trouble ‘reviving’ your underwhelming speech topic? How do you ‘bring it to life’? Let us know!

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