Search Engine Optimization: Press Release Edition

Gone are the days of sending your press release to solely journalists or media outlets. The reality is, your audience is everywhere and you need to make your pitch known from all angles. However, many PR pros aren’t taking advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) to relay their message quickly, effectively, and with sufficient content that will be seen by over a billion users, all of which are potential clients in some shape, way, or form. Below are some ways that you can make your PR presence known:

  • Keywords are the key: Avoid consumer speak. Be generous with your language, keep in mind that your audience does not think the same way as you. Use keywords that consumers will associate with your content and thus make it easier for your content to be found.
  • Short and to the point: Just like any other press release, make sure your message is clear and precise because the bloggers, journalists, and other PR execs reading your press release will be pressed for time and eager to get to your story.
  • Search smart: Most search engines only show a small blurb of your content. Try to set it up so that your most relevant information is in the first paragraph, so that when readers click on your link, they will get the main idea of the release.
  • Link back! Include links in your online press release. This will make it easier for journalists, bloggers, etc. to cover you and find any additional information to include in their story.
To read more on building your content on search engine optimization, click here.

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