The Fashion Industry and its Glaring PR issue

It is no secret that from the outside looking in, the fashion industry has a major PR problem: most of its waiflike beauties have light complexions. This is to say, the fashion industry hires people that look like the majority of those who work in the industry.

However, recent news has revealed an increase in models of color in headlining shows during New York Fashion Week. According to the New York Times blog “On the Runway” Keli Goff, a fashion industry watchdog and blogger, found that 90 percent of the 200-plus designers featured in Fashion Week had at least one black model, a seven percent jump from last year.

Though this is good news for the industry’s PR reputation, the industry still has to fix the problem at hand. So, what can they do to address it? The simple solution is to hire more models of color and feature them in advertisements. Another, more loftier suggestion, is for fashion houses to host events that celebrate women of color in the fashion industry. This would show that fashion houses are trying to change and are making the effort to diversify the industry more than ever before. In the future, professionals in the fashion industry can also come together to have a panel event where fashion experts discuss industry race issues and come up with ways to ultimately evolve the industry for the better.

Do you have any creative suggestions for the fashion industry to diversify itself? Let us know!

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Kurie Fitzgerald.

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