Back to School, Back to School, to Prove to Daddy I’m not a Fool!

Ahh… school is back in session. This means the daily grind of waking up early, going to class after class, finishing continuous amounts of work for the week, and going to bed at an ungodly hour is about to take over the lives of thousands of college students around the country. With all of that being said, college students must also start planning for their future, and now is a great time to try and make the most out of your school year.

Public relations students, as well as general communications students, have many options when they graduate with what they would like to pursue in life. In order to be prepared for those steps though, Becky Johns of reveals tips on how to plan efficiently and effectively for success in future endeavors.

1. Have a part-time job– Time management is one of the most important lessons students can take away from college. Balancing schoolwork, a social life, and a job can be very difficult. It can also be extremely beneficial for students because they can gain invaluable experience in learning time management. If students can strike a balance between school work, making some money, and finding time to go out and be with friends, then they will be well prepared for when they enter the work force. This forces students to focus on the task at hand, which will result in a more disciplined self.

2. Study and know your industry– Find out as much as you can about the agencies or companies you could see yourself working for when you graduate. See who the major game changers are in your industry and find ways to emulate what they do, so that when you go looking for a job after graduation, a future employer views you as an irresistible hire. The more you know about the industry the more beneficial it will be to yourself upon hunting for a job.

3. Compile a portfolio– Public relations and many other communications professions rely on strong writing to succeed. Creating a strong portfolio and keeping it organized by adding writing samples will allow you flexibility within your portfolio. This will give you multiple options of which samples you would like to present to future employers during the interviewing process. Each company or agency may want a different type of writing sample, so a diverse portfolio is best.

4. Go out and have some FUN– College is not all about cramming for tests and stressing over what your going to do with your life five years from now. It’s about going out on your own and experiencing a new adventure. You do not need to totally sacrifice your social life to succeed in college. There needs to be a balance. So go out on a Thursday night and stay up till 3 am and have fun with your friends. Just make sure that homework for that 8am class is typed and ready for you the next morning.

What do you think of these tips? Agree/Disagree? Shoot your comments our way! If you would like to read the rest of the article and other tips provided, click here.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Andy Esworthy.

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