Improving your Facebook Event Planning

Nearly all Facebook users can sympathize with the fact that we all get numerous event invites over the course of the day. Do you reply that you’re attending these events? Maybe. Do you actually attend them? Most likely not, unless it is held by one of your friends or sponsored by an organization you are a member of.

A recent Mashable article outlines some ways that you can make your Facebook event postings more effective. Below I have outlined some of the helpful tips they suggested.

  • Stay connected. If you are planning the event, consider making a closed group for a committee you are working with to keep them updated on every step of the planning, as well as making it easier and more interactive than emailing back and forth constantly.
  • Research vendors. Photographers, entertainment and caterers will most likely have fan pages on Facebook that you can look at for reviews, descriptions of their services and contact info. This will help you to determine ahead of time if you actually want to work with them.
  • Recognize sponsors. If your event is large enough to have sponsors, consider tagging them in statuses leading up to the event as well as creating an album with pictures of their logos to further show your appreciation.
  • Share real-time updates. Frequently post updates, photos and reminders on your event page to keep members engaged and interested in your event.
  • Follow-up. After the event, post thanks to sponsors and users that attended. You could also include any post-event information and photos that could be useful in the future.

To read all of the tips, click here.

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