SMARTphone Marketing

At the end of the summer I received a text message from Temple University notifying me that there was no damage to the school’s facilities after the hurricane occurred in August. Seeing that I was in Boston at the time, I checked CNN for weather updates and then forgot about the text message shortly thereafter. On my first day back in Philadelphia, I received a text blast about a battle of the bands at a nearby venue in the city, but again I shoved my phone back in my pocket and moved on with my day. However, while catching up on the Cherry and White page before the Temple vs. Villanova game, I discovered on the school’s website an option to have sports scores and updates texted to my phone as a live feed. It slowly hit me that I was getting news, promotions, sports and retail marketing to my phone without realizing it. It was then that I began to think about the importance of mobile message marketing in a more serious way.

In a recent article by the Miami Herald, Mobile Devices Can Help Attract and Keep Customers I read about some tips and trends of mobile marketing I thought I would share with my fellow PR lovers. According to a survey by Borrell and Associates, a Virginia-based media research firm, “small businesses in the United States are on track to spend almost $800 million in 2011 on mobile ads.” With the new found trend of mobile payments or m-payments becoming a phenomenon, providing information to one’s cell phone or smart phone is an effective way to allow a consumer to make a quick transaction. Promoting an event? Here’s a link to the online tickets! NEWS ALERT! Click here to access my blog!

In keeping up with the times as all PR professionals must do, here are some of the Miami Herald’s tips on mobile marketing and messaging:

1. Create a mobile campaign towards the gift giver

Make sure to emphasize occasions, holidays and reasons to reward yourself for the generous consumers who read your marketing materials.

2. Be helpful

Provide the reader with information on your client’s company or product and emphasize where they can read up on more! This gains coverage and provides a support system for the consumer.

3. Market your mobile program

Promote word-of-mouth marketing from your loyal customers in hopes of expanding your contact list.

4. Reward your best customers

Sending exclusive specials, coupons or promotional materials allows customers to feel like your relationship is mutually beneficial and encourages them to shop or support your client more.

5. Keep your customers close

Reward check-ins or give promotions to your customers who are close to the store as added incentive for coming in.

Whether you are a consumer benefiting from great sales or a marketer trying to sell a product or promote a client, be aware of the benefits of mobile outreach. Be smart when using your phone marketing and it will pay off!

What mobile marketing campaigns have you experienced? Were they successful? Let us know!

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Meagan Prescott.

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