Food For Thought

We’ve all had those days where our brains turn to mush and all we want to do is turn the power off and shut down. Whether its an overload of stress from classes and internships or just simple mental exhaustion, its important to find ways to give your brain the extra boost it needs to make it throughout the day.

Instead of succumbing to the brain fog, here are a few tips for clearing your minds and staying focused, courtesy of Heather Huhman:

1. Brain food: Sometimes we ignore the rumbling in our tummies in order to push out as many tasks as possible. However, ignoring that hunger and leaving your tank empty will result in lower quality work. Take a break and enjoy a healthy snack to get your motor up and running again, whether its a handful of almonds or some fresh blueberries, always make sure to refuel your mental tank.

2. Sleep it off: If your eyelids feel like they have 1,000 pounds of iron attached to them and half of your brain is asleep, take a power nap. Power naps are refreshing and they are the best way to boost your productivity.

3. Pick a hobby: Sometimes when you’re really stressed out because your to-do list seems like its longer than the Great Wall of China, the best thing to do is to take some time for yourself and do something that you enjoy. Whether its reading a book, cooking or exercising, always make sure you take a break from the tasks at hand so when it’s time to refocus, you feel energized and rejuvenated.

4. Take a hike! Okay, so you don’t need to literally take a hike (not all of us are athletes), however it never hurts to step outside and enjoy the fresh air. A little vitamin D never hurt anyone so the next time you’re feeling cramped in a cubicle at your internship or you can’t stand being locked up in the library for one more second, go outside and soak up some sun.

All of these are great ways to ensure you don’t burn yourself out. How do you keep yourself energized and focused? Let us know!

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