How Google+ Can Help Non-Profits

Google+ has been making a splash across social media blogs and forums since its highly anticipated arrival about a month ago and most recently, reported how Google+ can be used for non-profits. Although Google+ is not the most used out of the social media giants, its unique features allow even the smallest of non-profits to benefit.

1. Exclusive Rewards
Rewarding your top donors can be expensive and time consuming but with Google+, suggests that a non-profit could reward an outstanding donor by arranging a “Hangout” with a celebrity. 

2. Individualizing Your Circles
Google+ has a great feature of circles that can categorize a group of people. For example, a non-profit could have a donors circle and a participant circle. This allows tailored information to be shared with one group. You can even customize the information so that the information can be shared with only some of the people in the circle or both circles.

3. Co-workers Can Hangout
Hangouts and Huddles can allow your e-board to have a quickie conference or a last minute update concerning an upcoming event. You can also upload and share presentations or documents during a Hangout.

4. Volunteers Huddle Up
The Huddle feature on Google+ is similar to a chat room, which makes it perfect for volunteers of a non-profit. Huddle enables participants to share information and coordinate amongst each other. The feature also allows participants to make list and easily categorize a certain group of people working on different projects.

Part of the struggle of a non-profit is getting and staying connected with the audience, but with Google+ you can easily do just that, stay connected and informed.

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