Keep your Message Clear: Brainstorming the Perfect Media Statement

Right after an event occurs involving your client, the media will definitely be on your tail for a statement. A media statement is the perfect alternative to a direct response from your client, as it provides a united front and gives you the chance to ensure a clear message without any misunderstandings. Below are some tips on creating a media statement that will hold up against the media:

  • Keep it short and to the point– Doing so will give you a better chance against having your words cut off or switched around to appease their purpose.
  • Send the statement before the reporter’s deadline– You want to make sure your statement is heard, because it will be in the most complimentary towards your client. Turning your statement in early will make it easier for the reporter to place your statement in a high traffic location and in its entirety. Understandably, statements that come at the end of the deadline will most likely be haphazardly placed into the article as an after thought.
  • Keep it positive– A give in, as you always want to put your client in the most positive or optimistic light as possible. Keeping it possible will also stray your client and yourself from any impending drama, fueled by the media.

The media is always looking to skewer your client, so treat your media statement as a sparring match, block as many attacks as possible.

To read more on building a great media statement, click here.

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