Take Your Passion and Make It Happen

When you hear the word job, what do you think? There are several answers to this question, most connected to money and making a living. But what about your passion? Is that the same thing as a job? It probably should be, so that you’ll love what you do and ultimately will be better at it.

In today’s society, many people forget about their passion and solely focus on their job in order to make money. It is important to reignite your passion and to find inspiration at work that will lead to success.

In her article, “How to Find Inspiration at Work,” PRowl PR alumni Jessica Lawlor gave readers five tips on how to find or remember their inspiration at work:

1. Decorate your work space: Having a visual of places you’ve been or sayings that you like reminds you of past accomplishments while also adding some color to your space.

2. Break out the warm-fuzzies: There should be a folder in your inbox for compliments and affirmations from other colleagues, supervisors, or even friends. It’s a great way to remind you that you are good at what you do.

3. Create a killer playlist: Music is one of the best motivators out there so get together some of your favorite motivational songs for when you need a pick-me-up. My personal favorite is “A Beautiful Day” by India Aire.

4. Turn to your Social Media: Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Google +, many times people on your social networks provide inspirational stories or quotes that can get you motivated or remind you why you love your job.

5. Take a Walk: I know, we’re all too busy to take 15 minutes out of our day but fresh air and sunlight allow you to feel refreshed and refocused.

Similar to finding inspiration at work, it is important to reignite your fire or passion for what you do. A blog called Zenhabits listed some ways in which to ignite your passion. For me, I’ve seen a few of them like surrounding yourself with passionate people, living outside of your comfort zone, and starting a blog or journal to be successful. When you are around people who love your cause, it instantly lifts your spirits and reminds you that you are a part of something so much bigger than yourself.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? What’s your special secret for reigniting your passion? Let us know!

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Alex Crispino.

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