Remedies for the Common QR Code Mistakes

Times are changing and so is the way businesses are interacting with their customers. Traditional TV commercials and radio spots are still utilized by companies worldwide, however newer and more innovative mediums are growing increasingly popular. QR (Quick Response) codes, originally created in Japan to keep track of automotive parts, have become the latest trend with smartphone users and the companies that use them to promote specific products, services or events. But, with any new technology, there are several mistakes to avoid in order to ensure a successful QR code campaign for your business.

While thinking of creative ways to use QR codes in campaigns for our own clients this upcoming year, I found two articles incredibly useful that outline the do’s and don’ts of QR code campaigns. Together, Mashable and MarketRumba help provide the perfect remedies for the common QR code mistakes.

Mistake 1: Sending a person to your non-mobile ready website.

More and more businesses are starting to use QR codes in their marketing campaigns. They are using the QR codes to send the customer to their websites, thinking this is a good idea. What they fail to understand is that the website may not be a mobile ready website and easily viewed on a mobile phone. The customer will be stumped and the lead will be lost.

Remedy: Matthias Galica, the CEO of ShareSquare, provides tips for marketers and brands using QR codes, and specifically emphasizes testing a barcode for functionality across a variety of devices and scanner applications before launching. It’s important, especially because the consumers that scan codes are likely tech-savvy and vocal — the kind of consumers you want on your side.

Mistake 2: Not having a clear goal for your QR code.

Any effective marketing campaign leads the potential customer to act on the promise of the marketing message. QR codes are no different. A confused person doesn’t make a decision and contributing to a muddled mind sabotages your efforts. So, what end result do you want from you QR code campaign? To give information? To promote an event? To entertain your audience? To have your customer “Like” your Facebook Fan Page? To make a sale?

Remedy: Boost sales, increase customer engagement, build brand loyalty, educate your audience. Whatever the campaign objective, be sure to define its goals before integrating a mobile barcode. Consider monitoring the campaign via a barcode management platform. Your business will be able to leverage the provider’s expertise, better assess your campaign effectiveness and evaluate its real-time success through analytics.

Mistake 3: Limiting QR codes to brochures and websites.

Once you have started using QR codes with your customers and get a positive response you can expand how and where you display your QR codes.

Remedy: Mobile barcodes should be incorporated into all digital and traditional media so the consumer has 360-degree exposure to the mobile marketing campaign. This will also ensure that consumer experience, dialogue and interactivity are at the heart of the campaign and not simply an afterthought. Print your QR code on anything printable; bags, business cards, in-store banners, etc…the applications are endless!

The read the full articles, check them out here and here.

New forms of technology are exciting and effective, but only when utilized to their fullest potential. Innovation shouldn’t be used solely for innovation’s sake but rather when there is a clear purpose and trends are used in a forward-thinking manner.

What tips or mistakes to avoid do you have to share? Let us know!

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    its free and works for URL, text and images

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