“Hanging Out” or Taking Notes Online?

As a PR junkie, I was intrigued by the newest social media website Google+. I quickly got invited to join a friend’s circle and began exploring the many options that it has to offer. I was instantly drawn to the new features. I found myself fascinated that you could choose who to share your content with, I liked the convenience of my Google chrome toolbar having automated notifications without having a distracting screen up, and I began “+1”ing the posts of my networks.

One of the features I find particularly interesting is “Google Hangouts.” This is an option in which users can hang out with each other online via video chats, Youtube streaming, file sharing, webinars, plus more.

A recent New York Times article showed that Google+ has opened up a whole new form of virtual marketing and content sharing on a social media website. Using the ‘Hang Out’ feature, chef Lee Allison has created an online cooking course in which interested users can check the website for a grocery list before class and then participate in an interactive cooking lesson right from their computer. The class has become rather popular and plans to expand from a “hang out” hobby to a virtual business, turning a profit from their gnocci-making and knife sharpening tips.

Currently, Google+ Hang Outs can only host 10 people at a time. However, Google is a constantly evolving company and Google+ is only in the early stages of its development. We can be sure to expect big things from Hang Out’.

It seems as though this outlet might have opened up an online opportunity for interaction, advice, and instantaneous marketing. This may be a great way to gain client coverage and spread professional expertise while conveying personality online.

What do you think? How can publicists benefit from just “Hanging Out”? Let us know!

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Meagan Prescott.

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