The EPI Blog Team

Every summer, the Philadelphia Youth Network, Inc. coordinates and runs a program aimed at providing high school students with the opportunity to gain real life work experience in a variety of industries. The Employer Paid Internship Program connects a select number of young adults with employers, giving the youth a chance to see what today’s working environment is like. The goal of the EPI program is to not only open the door to the business world, but also demonstrate to the youth the worth and importance of an education.

This summer, PYN was faced with the unique challenge of promoting the program to very distinct publics: youth currently enrolled in the program, potential applicants, funders, and current and potential employers. To meet this goal, PYN developed an EPI blog team, a group of young, driven, talented young men and women enrolled in the EPI program. Over the past 4 weeks they have been posting blogs on a PYN WorkReady website, These blogs serve as testimonials to the maturity and professionalism that young adults develop thanks to the EPI program. The authors speak of the knowledge and insight that the EPI program cultivates and express the benefits of having an opportunity to enter college with real life work experience under their belts.

Not only does the blog team speak to the beneficial nature of the program, but those actually blogging are given the opportunity to work with PYN staff members to improve their writing skills. “This has given me the skills necessary to grow as a writer,” said Brenton Oakley, a blog team member. The blog team effectively demonstrates PYN’s mission to teach and enhance young adults work skills while at the same time communicate the value of the EPI program to its publics.

By posting on an official PYN website and promoting the blogs on PYN’s Twitter and main homepage, PYN is able to disseminate, to its wide range of publics, the positive growth that young people gain because of their experiences in the EPI program. Advertising to these audiences can, and hopefully will, allow the program to expand its services and employer relationships in the Philadelphia area.

To read what these gifted young writers have done, visit the blog page here.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Evan Galusha.

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