7 Habits to Keep

Part of being a go-getter is not taking no for an answer and, most importantly, creating your own opportunities. Use your particular skills and tailor them to the areas in which you will prove to be an important tool. In “7 Habits That Make Great Opportunities Happen“, Liz Strauss highlights 7 habits that will put you ahead of the game:

1. Pay Attention
Pay attention to your environment. Part of being a generally good employee is doing your best to make the company you’re working for run as smoothly and effectively as you can. Take notice of how to do this, whether it be updating the company website, to typing up some quick notes to hand out to ensure a more fluid and efficient meeting. Not only will you grow as a person, but people will notice your role in the workplace and come to you when something comes up.

2. Think of your work as important

No one likes a Negative Nancy. Be positive in what you do and realize that you have the chance to make a difference, and take that chance. Even if your job for the day is to copy fliers, know that there is a purpose driving it and you were assigned it for a reason. By getting the job done well and without complaint, your coworkers will be more willing to provide you with new opportunities, knowing that you will get it done, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

3. Be aware of the potential of your impact

Take into account that your actions don’t just affect you, but everyone around you. Consider ways to make decisions that will make everyone’s lives easier instead of cutting corners, and people will have confidence in you to make the best decision for the company as a whole.

4. Imagine opportunities everywhere you look

Try to look for ways you can incorporate your particular skill set. If you are good at writing, start small and offer to proofread the weekly newsletter. If you like graphic design, offer your skills and design a new letterhead. Who knows? Someone may see your skill as vital to a new project and before you know it, you’ve created yourself an opportunity!

5. Make yourself a magnet for jobs you do well

Having friends in all the right places is an asset. When people give you a hand, lend your hand back. Offering your expertise will give you the chance to set yourself apart from the crowd and will also showcase you as someone who is a team player, which will definitely be a factor when you are up for a higher position.

6. Count and record opportunities that suit you

Keep in mind what trends are rising and what role you may be able to play in them. Taking notice of these trends will put you ahead and will encourage others to come to you with new ideas, knowing that you have a knack for sensing future prospects.

7. Decide

So when an opportunity arises, take it and run with it. There is always a lesson to be learned and experience to be gained that will put you at an advantage in the future. Continue to grow through new opportunities and people will be more willing to be a part of whatever you are a part of, knowing that they will be in the right place at the right time.

Has an opportunity ever arisen for you that you declined because you felt that, for any reason, it didn’t suit you? Looking back, do you wish you had taken it? Why? Let us know!

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