Hone in on Success

As I approach my junior year in college and really start to focus on how to prepare for a successful career in public relations a  recent article by Ragan.com, “Top 10 Ways to Succeed in PR” provides a good start.

10. Having it all at your finger tips
Keeping up with the latest trends from social media to breaking news is key when keeping pace with PR.

9. I can’t hear you
If you have an idea/suggestion speak up during your account or client meetings. It let’s your team know your mentally present but also makes them aware that you see an oppeetunity for your client.

8. Accept criticism
Public relations is one of the most competitive industries. Therefore, think of criticism as an opportunity to grow in the industry.

7. Keeping up with traditional news
We preach that pr professionals have to keep up with social media and its latest trends but we also need to remember and follow traditional news and especially news that applies to our clients. I find that Google alerts helps a lot with client news.

6. Don’t be a pest
We all know how stressful and irritating pitching can be but to avoid being put a reporters “black list” be cognizant of how many follow up e-mails you send.

5. Let your boss know
If you are unhappy about subjects concerning compensation or account structuring, it’s essential to make your boss aware of the situation. This may very well  lead to your boss wanting to know more of your opinions and thoughts about the workplace.

4. Two heads are better than one
Although we have all heard and come to experience  the saying, “if you want something done right do it yourself,” it’s important to be a team player when it comes to working in a group.

3. Try new things!
If a client asks you to put together a social media plan and it doesn’t fall under your jurisdiction, speak to your supervisor and ask if you could take a stab at it. Feel free to make mistakes, your boss will love the enthusiasm.

2. Don’t make your self comfortable
Comfort at a job leads to nostalgia, you are never “untouchable”.  Keep on your toes.

…and the number one way to be successful

1. Make your goals
Making your goals is not only self rewarding but it shows management that your a vital member of the team.

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