Dear Netflix:

Since Netflix first launched, it has been the college students best friend. You can rent new releases on DVD while still watching endless episodes of The Office, all for one convenient price. That is, until this past Tuesday. Starting September 1st, Netflix users will no longer be able to bundle unlimited DVDs and streaming. Instead, Netflix is separating the two, and hiking the price. Understandably, this change of contract has not settled well with current Netflix users.

After the announcement on Tuesday, Netflix customers flocked to Twitter to voice their contempt. #DearNetflix became a trending topic where users tweeted their anger towards the new policy:

Seriously, WHO is running the show there? Monkeys?

Just waiting for Amazon Streaming to kick off. Then bye Netflix. You won’t be missed.

So we now get LESS for MORE.

The complaints didn’t stop there. On the Netflix blog, the comment capacity was far exceeded soon after the announcement. With the comment cap being 5,000, the majority of the comments were negative. The Netflix Facebook page has even fallen victim, to over 28,000 complaints.

So what did Netflix do wrong, besides the price hike? We all know that price increases happen, especially during the current economic situation. However, instead of admitting the reason for the increase, Netflix brushed it off as being a more convenient scenario than the previous. In our current environment, where social media is so prevalent, we don’t like to be shuffled around the truth. That is why Facebook and Twitter are where they are, we like straightforward, clear messages with no nonsense. Instead, Netflix has beat around the bush using keywords such as “lowest prices ever” and alluding to the change being something Netflix users had elected for.

The best thing that Netflix could probably do at this point is to address its customers by updating their blog, as well as their Twitter and Facebook. All of which they have neglected since the announcement. Instead of keeping users in the dark and fuming, Netflix should quit the superficial jargon and be honest and considerate of its users, before they decide to take their business elsewhere.

To read more on Netflix’s recent announcement, click here.

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