10 Reasons why PR Needs More Video

Video can often be a tool that PR professionals over look when trying to connect to an audience and although video is time consuming and expensive, Ragan.com recently reported 10 reasons and benefits why PR professionals should start using more video.

Video press release– A video press release is significantly more interesting then the typical run-of-the-mill press release and can play a huge factor in whether your going to get coverage. It also gives bloggers, journalists, and publications more content to share with their audience.
Building trust– The ability to see a spokesperson talk or explain the product is unique to only video. Video helps the audience trust the featured product and its capabilities.
Raising brand awareness– A great way of raising brand awareness with video is show casing a lucky winner a chance of winning cash, a trip, or something or value.
Product launches– Product launches through video are the most effective way to introduce a product and its various features. Video can help establish a brand by putting graphics or catchy taglines to images.
Crisis management– Videos have the ability to reach a huge audience which significantly helps damage control quickly and effectively. A video of an apology or correction enables the audience to make the connection with the brand or organization better than a letter or note.
Around the office– We all can agree that company newsletter can get a little dry, so to spice things up companies like Google are using video to inform their employees of the newest happenings. Internal videos can also be extended to potential clients and the media.
Social media– While social media has its own place in the PR a video could make that important message even more memorable. Having a video integrated with social media makes the message easily accessible and sharable.
Personality– Video allows you to associate a personality with a brand. A video can do this by association, a celebrity or spokesperson or by the context of the video.
Events– A video can help those invited be captivated with an upcoming event, this would especially work well with a flash mob or even Relay For Life.
Political campaigns– Ever since candidates were able to be seen on TV a significant shift has taken place in the history of voting. People not only look at the issues being addressed but the person delivering the issue and opinion. Video is obviously a great way to showcase a candidate and their ability to connect with the masses.

A message is only as good as its delivery.

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