The Four PR Measurement Priorities Everyone can Seem to Agree on

We all know that PR is a diverse and complex industry complete with different job titles and descriptions and with all the confusion, there seems to be some consensus on the four measuring priorities of the public relations industry. In an effort to move the industry forward, a global conference led by AMEC was held in Lisbon, Portugal to discuss the future of measurement in PR. A result of this successful convention is the creation of the Measurement Agenda 2020 composed of 200 delegates from five organizations: Public Relations Society of America, ICCO, Institute for Public Relations, AMEC and the Council of PR Firms. Additionally the Measurement Agenda 2020, is a by-product of the Barcelona Principles of Measurement, an achievement of the previous years conference.

The Global Director of Research & Measurement, Dr. David Rockland, present in the Barcelona Principles and Lisbon Measurement Agenda sessions states, “In Barcelona we created immutable principles about how you evaluate PR. Now, in Lisbon, we have set a course for the future and where this field needs to head in the next several years.”

The 200 delegates decided amongst 12 measurement priorities to focus on in the upcoming years of growth and development for the industry. Without further a due here are the top four priorities:

1. How to measure the return on investment (ROI) of public relations
2. Create and adopt global standards for social media measurement
3. Measurement of PR campaigns and programmes needs to become an intrinsic part of the PR toolkit
4. Institute a client education program such that clients insist on measurement of outputs, outcomes and business results from PR programs

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