The Resume Length Debate

Something I have been struggling with lately is whether or not to cut down my resume. Personally, I feel that all of this information is necessary to sum up my professional achievements, but it could also be seen as excessive to future employers. An article from has put into perspective different resume lengths and why it makes a difference.

The article argues that there are pros and cons to each length. For example, if you are recently graduated, or only had a couple of jobs, a one-page resume is best to highlight what is important, your strengths and why the employer should hire you. Kristen Fischer, author of “Ramen Noodles, Rent and Resumes: An After-College Guide to Life,” explains that when you make a resume it is important to, “avoid excessive spacing to fill up the page and instead flesh out your skill sets, even if you think you have none due to little experience.” Another thing to consider is that you are probably one of hundreds of resumes that employers are looking at, and they don’t want to waste the time flipping through more than one page.

While most say less is more, a two-page resume can also be acceptable. A one-page resume could give the impression that you are not experienced, but anything longer than two pages could make it seem like you do not have a specific career focus. A longer resume is more acceptable the more work experience you have. Someone who has had a long, successful career should take advantage of highlighting important career achievements.

Especially with today’s job searches, most of them are done on the Internet, where human resources professionals or recruiters are using computer programs to sift through your information. If this is the case, include as much information as possible so as to increase your chances of getting noticed.

What it really comes down to is relevant content. If you happen to have two pages worth of important information, so be it. Just take note of how long your employment descriptions are, and include a minimal amount of information that will allow employers to get the most out of your experience. How long is your resume? Read some more tips here.

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