What does your e-reader say about you?

As the proud new owner of a Nook Color, I did thorough research before I purchased based on differences between it’s rival, the Kindle, and even the iPad. All of these devices are more than capable to read any type of publication, but it has been found that magazine sales have been very reflective of which product sells to whom. A recent New York Times article explains the differences in features that consumers look for when purchasing new technology.

While the iPad still proves to be the top contender for the magazine business, the Nook Color has been shown to appeal to a surprisingly large amount of women magazine readers. Top sellers on the Nook Color include US Weekly, Shape, Women’s Health and Every Day with Rachael Ray. This could be due to Barnes & Noble’s marketing strategies specifically targeting women. Women buy more books than men do, and are more likely to buy devices made just for that very thing.

The iPad and other tablets are marketed as toys for men, while the Nook Color and Kindle are more popular among women. Nook Color ads feature women and girls relaxing and reading in comfortable places such as the beach, in bed or on the couch. Also, when you purchase a Nook Color, an enthusiastic woman is more than happy to take you through the introduction video on how to use your new device. Females usually don’t think there is anything wrong with just words and pictures, as opposed to men that look for animation, live video and audio. According to sales, women just want something to read on, not high definition applications.

The Nook Color also proves to be popular among the publishers that supply these magazines, because of Barnes & Noble sharing data with them about who their subscribers are, unlike their competitor, Apple. It is also much easier and less expensive to create electronic versions of magazines on the Nook, than the iPad. Publishers are only required to send a PDF, and Barnes & Noble does everything else. “Nook Color really taught us an important lesson in that consumers in their interests are really diverse,” said David Carey, president of Hearst Magazines. “We have those that want a really enhanced edition with cinematic elements which you find in iTunes, and those who want a more straightforward version of their favorite magazine where the benefit is portability.”

What do you look for when purchasing an e-reader? Read more of the New York Times article here.

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