Delivery is Key

What makes a consumer pick Nike over Adidas or Tide over Gain? Brand loyalty has been tied to millions if not billions dollars a year in market research in the science behind how a consumer connects with a brand. Recently the majority of research in brand loyalty is getting those consumers who are infrequent or on the fence about a certain brand. An article in Distributed Marketing explains how message delivery, specifically message consistency, multi-channel delivery, customer management, and frequent communication within the channel, could be the key in swaying infrequent consumers.

1. Message Consistency– Making sure that the audience fits the message. For an example a young demographic calls for an informal relative message.

2. Multi-channel Delivery- Providing information that is easily accessible. Make sure the your key words for searches are up-to-date and accurate.

3. Customer Management- Knowing the consumer and their experience with the brand. The article highlights customer service as a major factor in experience.

4. Frequent Communication Within the Channel- The new front runner in obtaining brand loyalty can be directly linked to the interaction and open dialogue between the consumer and the brand, “You can’t over communicate with them – but you can easily overwhelm them by bombarding them with one-way messages…”
Most importantly we see that delivery and consistency of a message is key in converting a one time consumer to a potential loyal consumer.

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