Public Relations in Business Schools?

As we have seen from recent examples in crisis communications, companies affected by these conflicts would have greatly benefited from some training in public relations or strategic communications.

For example, if Tony Hayward, formerly of BP, was knowledgeable on how to protect the reputation of his corporation, he would have replaced his complaints for wanting his life back with an effective plan on how to move on from the devastating effects of the oil spill.

PRSA did an analysis of highly ranked MBA programs and found that only 16 percent offer a single course in crisis and conflict management, strategic communications, public relations, or whatever you choose to describe protecting the reputation of their company.

While the inclusion of these classes would most likely be considered electives, business executives need to consider that especially in today’s digital environment, they need to not only effectively run their company, but also know how to protect it in times of need.

To read the full PRSA article click here.

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