My Goodbye

Wow, what an amazing three and a half years this has been! In January 2008, PRowl Public Relations opened its doors for business under the helm of then-Firm Director Natalie Prazenica (now Mrs. Natalie Herr!) and a dedicated board of directors. After an invigorating semester with superstar PR students and enthusiastic clients, Natalie graduated, took over the baking and blogging world, got married and had a handsome son Elliott.

It has now been three years since I have taken over as firm director of PRowl and I have been fortunate enough to build relationships with a variety of talented students who I am confident will move on to take over the PR world in Philadelphia and beyond. The most wonderful thing about PRowl is that we don’t only learn from our clients and professors, we learn from each other. It has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with more than 40 students over the years who are the top of their class and the most driven out of Temple’s Public Relations curriculum in the Department of Strategic Communication. PRowl members not only dedicate dozens of hours a week to ensuring successful campaigns for all of our clients, they hold internships throughout the city, are vocal and open-minded students in the classroom, serve the community, have a passion for staying current on all technology and communication trends, and are committed to ethics and professionalism at all times.

Although I am looking forward to starting my career in corporate communications with a respected national financial services company, I will assuredly miss my peers in PRowl and the professors who have imparted their knowledge on us all. Specifically, I would like to thank Gregg Feistman who was instrumental in developing the foundation for PRowl, helped get the firm up and running, and has since been my mentor and an amazing adviser (and editor) for all things PRowl. Gregg is a strong advocate for PRowl in the Temple and Philadelphia community, and the firm is extremely lucky to have his support and amazing library of knowledge.

Finally, I am SO proud to hand over my title and responsibilities to the most deserving girl in the room, Niki Ianni. Niki has been a force for her clients since her very first meeting and is a collaborative leader who empowers all members of her accounts to be creative, take ownership of their work, and learn from every opportunity and challenge presented. I know that Niki is going to lead PRowl to do amazing things and is going to capture every opportunity available to benefit her members and clients. I am so excited to watch PRowl continue to expand under Niki’s leadership!

Thank you to all who have read the blog over the years, and the amazing board of directors and staff members who have contributed to it. Thanks to you, our readership continually grows every month (now to more than 2,000 readers a month!) and our blog has gotten exposure on a national level. I hope you have enjoyed the posts from our student members, and continue to return back to read their insights daily!

Congratulations to all 2011 graduates, and I look forward to joining you in our lifelong mission of learning and growing as ethical professionals in any career we choose!

1 thought on “My Goodbye

  1. Good Luck in all your endeavors! 🙂 Looking forward to the new.

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