Philadelphia PR Agency Blogs

In Philadelphia, there are many Public Relations agencies that try to reach out to the world through blogging. Below are some examples of agencies that use this tactic and an overview of each of their blogs.

Buchanan PR Blog

Buchanan PR uses their blog to help advise the public on proper networking etiquette and even how to land at job at their agency. Instead of boasting about their own accomplishments, they help inquiring minds learn more about the business and offer tips on self-promotion. Certain blogs such as, “Why You Will Never Get Hired at Our PR Firm” and “Meet, Greet, and Tweet” help the readers’ personal growth in the world of PR. Networking is crucial to landing a job and Buchanan PR offers a lot of good advice on their blog.

Vault Communications Blog

If you want to know what people are writing about in the surrounding area, Vault Communications will let you know. Communicating on the Internet has become such an important resource for people that it is imperative to know about the latest topics and trends when doing so. Vault has recent posts about how mothers are starting to share their parenting experiences with others. If you are a fan of cooking and recipes, Vault has a great article entitled “Get Cookin’ with Food Bloggers.” Here anyone can post their own recipe to share with others. Vault asks the public to comment on media topics such as the Super Bowl XLV commercials and discuss which ones were the best. Vault lets the public know about their own achievements, but they also open a forum for public debate on current hot topics.

PR Lawyer

One of the most interesting blogs I have found is by the agency Furia Rubel. Their Blog is titled The PR Lawyer and it extremely active. The top of their homepage reads, “The PR Lawyer helps professional service providers, attorneys, legal marketers, public relations specialists and others find tons of useful PR information to assist with strategic marketing and public relations campaigns.” This blog has posts that inform professionals about resources such as new social media outlets and current trends around the world. Some recent blog posts include “How Do I Respond To That? – Tips For Community Management” and “Shut Up and Say Something: Conversing with the Media When the Stakes are High.” These help readers figure out what to do in sticky situations and provide steps that professionals can take to solve problems.

What other Philadelphia PR blogs do you read?

This guest blog was written by PRSSA External Communications Committee member Kaitlin Brooks

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