Searching Across Country

The last semester of your senior year is a hectic one without the added stress of the job search. I have added the additional hardship of searching for a job in Los Angeles and not in Philadelphia or even on the East Coast. Searching for a job located 3,000 miles away makes the process a bit more difficult. You cannot be there at the drop of a hat for an interview. You cannot necessarily start next week. However, throughout my search for a job on the other side of the United States, I have learned some useful tips and lessons. I want to share them with those who are considering searching for a job in a different city.

Resume/Cover Letter

If you have a place to live or an address where you can receive mail in the city you are searching for a job, include this address on your resume and cover letter.
– It is important to explain in your cover letter that you will be moving to the select city. If you have a time frame, include this information as well.
– Be sure to note it is best to contact you by email or phone and not by mail.
Job Search Process/Interviewing
Start contacting places several months before your estimated time of moving with your resume and cover letter. Again, explain in your introductory letter you will be moving to the city.
– Employers may encourage you to contact them closer to when you will be in the city. Thank them for their response and make sure to follow up in the month or so before you plan to move.
– Consider setting aside a week or two to stay in the city before the move. Inform employers you have been conversing with of your potential stay in the city and let them know you will be available for an interview then.
– When discussing interview options, mention the possibility of phone or Skype interviews before you move to the city. Most employers will be accommodating to this request.
Networking In Another City
– Consider reaching out to professionals in the area to ask for an informational interview. One of the best places to seek professionals from is the local PRSA chapter. Ask these professionals about the job market in your desired city and if they know of any places hiring.
– These informational interviews can be conducted via phone or Skype as well before the move. If you plan to be in the city for a week or two before the move, make sure to set up an informational interview while you are there.
There are numerous other things you can do to make your job search in another city easier. If you have any additional tips, please share them with our readers.

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