Alternative Uses for Press Releases

Press releases are one of the most difficult pieces to write in the Public Relations field. You only have a small amount of space to get your point across and get the public interested. As a result, many press releases are rejected from media outlets. It can seem like a waste of time writing so many press releases to just have them rejected and thrown in the trash. However, Mickie Kennedy of explains in his article “5 Alternative Uses for Your Press Release” that there are many other ways to utilize your rejected press release:

1. A Download- In most cases, your first draft of a press release is going to be long and detailed. Save this and use it as a handout for the public as additional information. This can also serve as motivation for the customer to join your mailing list when they request more information, and avoids the limitations of press releases.

2. Internal Memo- It is vital to keep your co-workers involved and aware and to keep the floor open for constructive criticism. Using your press release as an internal memo is time saving and also allows you to use a little more relaxed language, without being unprofessional.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- The easiest way to gain followers is by making yourself the first choice. Using your press release, you can insert popular keywords that will pop up whenever someone searches for a service, event, client, etc. you are representing. Just be sure not to make it seem like you are obviously trying to reel in visitors. For example when you type PRowl Public Relations into Google, this blog is the first thing to pop up thanks to keywords, immediately giving the public a direct line to PRowl PR.

4. Blog Post- While having your story published to a local newspaper can be beneficial, usually it is only the locals who are going to see it, quickly flipping through the headlines. If you turn your press release into a blog post, you have all users of the Internet as a potential clientele, reading your story and forwarding the link to coworkers, friends and family.

5. Sales Kit- In a press release, you are trying to make your organization’s products and services desirable to a vast public. Essentially, you are advertising and therefore, it is for the purpose of getting people interested in what you’re representing. This would be great to put into a sales kit once you tweak your press release to focus on your potential customers and write an excellent pitch.

As you consider the future of your rejected press releases, is there anywhere else a press release can be put to use?

For more information on Mickie Kennedy’s alternative uses for press releases, click here.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Marianna Morris.

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