The Next Generation of PRowl Leaders

Although it is not quite time to say goodbye (the current PRowl Public Relations board will continue blogging until Friday, May 13), I would like to welcome and introduce the new executive board of PRowl, as well as the account executives who will be leading our teams to achieve successful campaigns for our clients in the year ahead.

Yesterday, at our last staff meeting of the semester, incoming Firm Director Niki Ianni announced the firm’s leadership for the fall 2011-spring 2012 academic year.

Executive Board
Firm Director: Niki Ianni
Assistant Firm Directors: Emily Ascani, Samantha Wanner
Director of Public Relations: Marianna Morris
Director of Finance: Doug Bennett

Other Leadership
Secretary/Fundraising Liaison: Kaitlin Tully
Account Executives: Meagan Prescott, Doug Bennett, Evan Galusha, Alex Crispino

Congratulations to PRowl’s next generation of leaders!

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