The Power of a Heartfelt Facebook Page

Recently, I have seen friends on Facebook and Twitter promoting a Facebook page called Mumford & Sons to Philly for Mark’s Birthday.” Some “liked” it and others posted a link or tweet encouraging people to join the cause. Curious, I checked out the page.

Mark Keeley was a 19-year-old Philadelphia Gas Works worker who died in an explosion in Northeast Philadelphia on January 18, 2011. Keeley’s friends and family knew he was planning a trip to see his favorite band, Mumford & Sons, this year. In his honor, they sent a letter to the band and started a Facebook page to try to convince the band to play a concert in Philadelphia for Keeley’s birthday on July 27. Currently, the page has over 12,000 “likes” and the story has been covered on Mumford & Sons have released their June tour schedule, but no word yet on a July tour.

Once again, we are seeing the influence of social media and its ability to spread word-of-mouth messages to thousands. Have you seen any other Facebook pages promoting similar causes? If this Facebook page is successful in persuading the band, do you think we will see more pages like this?

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