Is Social Media the Final Frontier?

Is social media the final frontier? From what many in the public relations and marketing industry have stated, it seems so. PR Newswire, in following what can be called a social media trend, launched social media tools to help organizations enhance their Facebook presence, connect with their current consumer base and gain new consumers.

How do these new social media tools work? Organizations can design custom tabs to highlight campaigns and products and share this information strictly with their fans. They will also be able to conduct promotions and interactive polling in what PR Newswire calls a “convenient dashboard.” Other features include Twitter feeds and tools to provide fans with up-to-date information without any effort, which allow organizations to easily observe and measure discussion as well as feedback on their Facebook page. Why is this launch important for the public relations and marketing industry? The new tools are easy to use but very effective in terms of how companies can position themselves on social media sites.

PR Newswire’s social media tools do not to simply monitor how many people visit their Facebook pages or how many people retweet them on Twitter. Instead of simply making a Facebook fan page with hopes of gaining a presence, organizations now have a means to target specific groups of people with specific messages that will meet their needs accordingly.

Visit PR Newswire for more information about the social media tools and for an interactive introduction to the tools.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Kurie Fitzgerald.

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