Fundraising for a Cause

One of the main reasons a business exists is to make money. Charitable non-profit organizations often face the challenge of making enough money to provide their services, but the basic goal of non-profit organizations is still to make money. My entrepreneurial marketing class this semester challenged students to raise money on behalf of a cause for social good.

This semester I began working with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), a personal cause for me since I lost a close friend last summer. I have spent the semester raising money, which will be donated to the Philadelphia chapter of the AFSP in May. My hope is to raise awareness of the resources available by the local chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention by providing the organization with the monetary funds to increase its awareness efforts.

One of the the things I have noticed through my work for the AFSP this semester is people do not like to be reminded of difficult times or “depressing” circumstances. It is important to remind your audience of the positive aspects of your cause. My fellow group members and I often reminded people of the difference they could make in one life by simply donating a few dollars to our cause.

There are so many causes out there, that you have to make your cause stand out. Using a personal story often improves the success of your cause. Each of our group members had been personally affected by suicide, so relaying our own personal stories allowed people to identify with our cause.

Have you ever raised money for a charitable cause? What are some difficulties you encountered? Are there any tips you can share for our readers to increase the success of their fundraising efforts?

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