It’s all about accomplishments

As I prepare for graduation in May, I have been working on updating my resume.

I have always been told the importance of quantifying things in my resume where ever possible. However, I’m not always sure of exactly how to incorporate numbers and I have had many conversations with friends and peers struggling with the same task.

I recently turned to my friend (and PRowl alumna) Jessica Lawlor for advice, and she offered an explanation that I found very helpful. “This is great experience,” she commented on one section of my resume, “but I think you’re doing a lot of describing responsibilities, not outlining accomplishments.”

Jess’s words sparked an epiphany for me, and I think she hit the nail on the head. I was preoccupied with describing what I did as opposed to focusing on the tangible outcomes of what I did. While to some this advice may seem simple and straightforward, it made a world of difference for me. This new way of thinking has already helped me understand how to better incorporate numbers into my resume.

What is some of the best resume advice you’ve received? What are your favorite resume tips to give?

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