Guerrilla Marketing Sensations

Everyone loves guerrilla marketing tactics. They’re outrageous, unexpected, creative and ridiculously successful at generating a buzz for your product. They cost little money and are a thousand times more effective at capturing the attention of consumers over standard advertising. I have had the opportunity to help generate stunts for student organizations that I’m involved in on campus and can attest first hand at how effective they are at generating interest (and have helped grow the membership base of my theatre organization immensely).

While coming up with creative ideas for our next big stunt for an upcoming event, I came across a great post from Mashable with 11 great guerilla marketing videos. Some of the videos included were Nike, Ikea, Absolut, UNICEF and Volkswagon. All of the videos were great, however my personal favorites were Ikea and UNICEF (who wouldn’t love to relax at a posh bus stop?) The most important part about any stunt is that its memorable and is consistent with the branding of the product or mission. It has to be purpose driven and it needs to provide results. Guerrilla marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool when used appropriately.

Be sure to check out all of the great videos here.

What was your favorite video? What are your thoughts on the use of guerrilla marketing to promote your client?

Let us know!

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