To Follow Up or To Not Follow Up

As a last semester senior it is job search time! As I mail, email and submit resumes and cover letters left and right, I have been wondering if it is appropriate to follow up after sending a resume. So I took to the Internet to conduct some research on whether or not I should follow up with employers after I submit a resume.

The answer? It depends. For example, if a job posting or a contact says do not follow up, well then you can guess what not to do. If a company is receiving hundreds of cover letters, it may be a good way to stand out from other candidates showing your desire for the job.
Once you determine whether or not it is appropriate, how do you follow up? My research found employers or hiring managers thought an email or handwritten note was the best option. Calling was thought to be too pushy or intrusive.
What do you write in a follow up note?
  • If you have a specific contact you submitted a resume to, then write your note to this person. If not, do not address your letter to anyone.
  • Tell the person you submitted the resume and remind your contact when you submitted it and what position you are applying for.
  • Express your interest in working at the company or organization. Briefly explain why you are interested and what skills would make you an ideal candidate.
  • Ask if he or she needs any additional materials for your consideration and remind him or her how you can be contacted.
  • Thank the contact for his or her consideration and remind the person how you can be contacted.
There are other things you can write in a follow up letter. So start researching some options before you send a letter! A great site to use is:

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