New York Times Digital Subscription

I received an email earlier this week from The New York Times sent to all readers. Thursday marked the day The New York Times introduced digital subscriptions. Readers and media professionals alike have been awaiting the day a major newspaper would introduce subscriptions for readers to access its online content.

The email says, “It’s an important step that we hope you will see as an investment in The Times, one that will strengthen our ability to provide high-quality journalism to readers around the world on any platform.”

There are two steps to the introduction of digital subscriptions. The Times launched its new model in Canada this past Thursday in order to “fine-tune” the experience. Digital subscriptions will be offered to the United States on March 28. Home delivery subscribers will continue to have free and complete access to online content. Typical readers will only have use of limited content.

In a move of great customer service, the email breaks down what this new model means for readers. It defines the terms of the subscription service, regarding how many articles can be read free of charge, as well as the function of digital subscriptions on smart phones and tablets.

The day has arrived that could potentially put a spark back into the newspaper industry. Are you a fan of major newspapers offering digital subscriptions? Do you think these print publications will lose readers? Share your thoughts with our readers.

1 thought on “New York Times Digital Subscription

  1. I think that digital subscriptions are something that should have come sooner. I think that they will be more successful for newspapers and the journalism industry in general. I think that society has become more internet based, and reading a newspaper online is more convenient for people. People are now connected not only through their computers but also have access to the internet through their phones and can get to it at anytime anywhere. I dont think that making it digital will impact readership heavily in the long run, and i think that with time, people will see how convenient it is and ultimately it will become very popular.

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