Tips for Your PR Job Search

For many colleges, Spring Break has already come and gone or will soon come and go. To me, the end of Spring Break means the end of the semester is in sight. For those of us graduating in May, that could be a nerve wracking thought. With this on my mind, I found an article on PR Daily titled “Stop messing around: 4 tips to take your PR job search to the next level.”

Here is a summary of the tips provided in the article:

1. Start a hard-target search. Develop a list of the organizations or agencies you would like to work for and start your search by focusing on those targets.

2. Master your elevator speech. Polish and practice your elevator speech so you have it ready for networking events and opportunities.

3. Brush up on the basics. Doing your research before meeting with people or going to interviews shows your effort and will pay off.

4. Solid follow-up is critical. After a networking event, follow up with contacts by e-mail to thank them for their time. Make yourself stand out by mentioning something you spoke with them about.

To read more from this article, click here.

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