Do Not Track

You may be aware of the legislation surrounding the “do not call” policy that applies to telemarketers. Now there is new legislation regarding a “Do Not Track” law, which was introduced to Congress on Friday, February 11 by a California Democrat. The “Do Not Call” policy allows people to sign up for a list to prevent them from receiving telemarketers’ phone calls. The previous bill is similar in nature to the new “Do Not Track” legislation introduced by Representative Jackie Speier. The new policy allows Internet users to block those who track their information online. Speier unveiled the companion bill formally titled the Financial Information Privacy Act.

Consumers frequently became aggravated with phone calls from telemarketers. These sales marketing professionals were not limited to calling people during a certain time of day; hence the stereotype telemarketers always call during dinner. The recipients of telemarketers’ calls were often left wondering how they were placed on a list for companies selling printing services and credit card programs. Are online advertisers bugging Internet users in a similar way, though? Advertisements are going to be on sites whether companies have your personal information or not. Users may, however, be receiving spam emails marketing programs or services from companies who obtained personal information. Online users may consider these emails and other messages just as aggravating as telemarketers’ phone calls.

Due to the perception of these messages, the new Financial Information Privacy Act comes as a relief to many Internet users. People surfing the web can feel safe knowing their personal information is protected from corporations and businesses seeking to obtain personal details. However, this will create a dilemma for companies that utilize consumers’ personal information to create targeted advertisements. Without users information on what they spend their money on, the recent trend in targeted advertisements may decline.

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