Welcome to Twitter Charlie Sheen!

As everyone knows, you can’t go a day without hearing someone reference one of the latest “Sheen-isms.” Charlie Sheen, the controversial and reckless star of the popular and recently canceled series, Two and a Half Men, has been making his rounds on the television and radio talk show circuit, blurting out statements that have increased his “popularity” ten-fold over night. After making such a buzz on television and radio waves, Sheen has now turned his time and attention to the Twitterverse, creating his own verified account last night.

His Twitter handle, @charliesheen had over 300,000 followers within the first few hours. His first post: “Winning..! Choose your Vice… #winning #chooseyourvice http://twitpic.com/455ly9- boasting a picture of himself with his girlfriend, endorsing his beverage of choice: chocolate milk. The star, who’s bio describes him as an “unemployed winner,” will be tweeting regularly to stay more connected with his fans. However, it is yet to be seen how his entrance into the world of social media will affect his reputation with the public? So far… it doesn’t look too promising.

Charlie Sheen has been in desperate need of good publicity for awhile now due to his problems with drugs, sex scandals and acts of violence. Stan Rosenfield, Sheen’s publicist for several years, finally threw in the towel and respectfully resigned after one too many blunders during his most recent round of interviews.

However, Team Sheen seems to be doing just fine in terms of generating publicity and Sheen has managed to make himself the next “Chuck Norris” of American pop culture. With fan sites popping up all over the internet and companies such as Zazzle.com producing Charlie Sheen gag gifts, Sheen has become one of the biggest pop culture sensations.

We have all heard the cliche saying: “All publicity is good publicity”- however I am not so sure in the case of Charlie Sheen. The four-time Emmy Award winning actor was once respected for his talent – not his drug habits and has recently become the newest joke in Hollywood. His fan base may be increasing and although he is still raking in large amounts of money from sites that are partnering with him to sell products, his reputation is abysmal and without a publicist to guide him, I am sure it will only grow worse. Although Twitter could be used to improve his reputation and standing with the public, it appears as though Sheen will only be using it as another platform to continue boasting of his blunders and famous zingers.

What are your thoughts on all of the Charlie Sheen gossip? Does the saying still stand true that all publicity is good publicity with Sheen’s growing popularity in pop culture or does this increased fan base only indicate how far Sheen has fallen off the wagon?

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