An Update on Taco Bell’s Crisis Control

Earlier this month, I wrote a blog post about Taco Bell’s response to a lawsuit claiming the restaurant chain uses more meat fillers than real ground beef. The response was quick and direct: a web campaign and a print campaign attempting to silence the rumors with an explanation of the ingredients in Taco Bell’s ground beef.

I questioned whether people would be reassured by Taco Bell’s response, considering it wasn’t the first time the chain had come under fire about its ingredients. An article on Ragan’s PR Daily provides an answer to my question. According to the article, Taco Bell offered all new and existing Facebook fans a free taco coupon on February 8. Within a week, Taco Bell gained 250,000 more “likes.”

Taco Bell turned its lawsuit into a web and print campaign to sway the skeptics and a social media campaign to gain more Facebook fans. Sounds like a good example of turning a negative situation into something positive.

1 thought on “An Update on Taco Bell’s Crisis Control

  1. That is just terrible. If they simply complied with the rules and actually made “real” food they would gain more consumers.Instead of them trying to take the easy way out.

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