Twitter For Sale?

According to multiple sources, including the Guardian and several blogs, Twitter is holding discussions with potential buyers to sell the micro-blogging site. It is a rare day when you learn mega-companies are being taken over or up for sale. Is Twitter one of those mega-companies, though?

Twitter was launched only a little over four years ago. Some people (clearly not public relations professionals) are still asking, “What is Twitter?” According to Guardian, giant brands like Facebook and Google are looking to purchase Twitter for between 8 and 10 billion dollars. Let me write that again. 8 to 10 billion dollars.
For the social media site to go from nothing to 10 billion dollars in four years is not something to take lightly. Less than a week ago, AOL bought the Huffington Post for a measly $315 million.
My first initial reaction to hearing Facebook is one of the potential buyers is thinking this may be a conflict of interest for one social media giant to buy its main competitor. Is Google buying Twitter any better, though? What do you think about Twitter up for grabs?

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