Super Bowl ads are more than just fun to watch

Whether or not you are a sports fan or you cared about the teams playing, chances are you tuned in to the Super Bowl yesterday. If you’re like me, you were excited to see the ads.

While ads run during the Super Bowl, the “most-watched single telecast in the US,” are usually entertaining, Susan Gunelius also points out that there is a lot to learn from them.

In an article for, Gunelius looks back on important ads of Super Bowls past and draws interesting takeaways from each. Of course Apple’s 1984 ad for Macintosh made the list, but Gunelius makes some great points about the ad’s impact. “[I]f you know your product is great, go big — or go home,” Gunelius says.

Remember this ad from I didn’t, but I was really impressed by it:

Be sure to check out Gunelius’ article to see what she had to say about this ad, what other ads she showcased and the enduring lessons we can all learn from them.

What lessons can you draw from the best and worst of yesterday’s ads? What ads from more recent years do you think are worthy of addition to Gunelius’ list?

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