Twitter Wars: Going from Bad to Worse

One of the most notorious and controversial MTV reality shows, Teen Mom 2, has recently flooded all media platforms including Twitter. Twitter has become a battleground for Teem Mom 2 star Janelle Evans. Evans recently attacked fellow teen moms, Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood, from the previous Teen Mom season. The act of waging a “Twitter War” begs the question: couldn’t Twitter be used to help these stars gain a better reputation than that portrayed by the show?

Stars such as Evans do not seem to see the potential to resurrect their image through social media. In Evans’ case, posting pictures of herself with her baby or tweeting about the progress of her child could be a better use of her time and image than bashing other cast members. Twitter is not new to Armageddon, providing a stage for battles such as Eminem vs. Nick Cannon and Lindsey Lohan vs. Dr. Phil. It seems many people in the public eye could still use a lesson in using the medium to enhance and not damage their image.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Samantha Wanner.

1 thought on “Twitter Wars: Going from Bad to Worse

  1. I agree, and it makes it much worse that the show is about teen moms.

    I felt that the mothers were portraying a bad example to teen girls by their behavior on the show already – but one could just chalk that up to reality TV and scripting.

    But now the world can actually see that these girls shouldn't really be role models at all when they behave like this on Twitter.

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