PR Trends to Look for in 2011

Public Relations and Marketing are both booming industries and will only continue to progress in 2011. Because of advancements in technology, the industries are changing. It is important to stay on top of what is up-and-coming, so here are some of the top PR trends to look for in 2011:

1. Integrated Public Relations is becoming an essential part in the world of marketing. Traditional PR and social media are coming together to capture every facet of corporate communications.
2. Being able to calculate and confirm the Return On Investment (ROI) is a vital part of PR this year. If this can be accomplished proficiently, the client’s approval will be easier to obtain.
3. Survival is in the cards for reporting on news. The Internet and television are still the top two ways to obtain the news, so don’t expect traditional media to die out completely.
4. Video is a must. Preparedness for on-air time is vital this year. With almost everything progressing in video form, this should come as no surprise.
5. WikiLeaks are something to be fearful of. There are many emerging wikis focused on corporate wrongdoings, so cautionary measures should be taken.
6. Tablets (such as iPads) are taking over social media. PR professionals need to make sure that content can be accessed anywhere and at any time as the news progresses rapidly to tablet form.
7. Firms must be able to observe, understand, and benefit from public emotion and explain this method to their clients.
8. YouTube, Hulu, VooDoo, and other similar services will continue to be popular. Young adults place most of their TV attention by picking up their laptops or iPads, so companies need to market appropriately.
9. 2011 will be the year that Internet and television integrate for good. This year, Internet TV will finally launch, so that people can communicate electronically while watching a favorite television program simultaneously.
10. Facebook may become outdated. The more complex and diverse it becomes, the more young adults are turned off by it.

Stay on top of your game by watching for these trends in the world of PR! For more information, click here.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Kaitlin Tully.

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