Twitter Gets Sued

What is your first reaction to hearing the statement “Twitter gets sued?” Mine was something along the lines of, “If Twitter turns into Facebook…” and my thoughts trailed off into various options of what I would do if my favorite social media site was to turn into the controversial social media giant. Facebook is well known for users and companies rebelling against its practices. But Twitter?

I found an article on TechCrunch, ironically through Twitter, about the law suit being filed against the social media site. This is where the story gets even better. Twitter is being sued for allowing celebrities to interact online through its social media site.
Take a moment and let that sink in.
Celebrities are people too, right? Not according to VS Technologies who is suing Twitter. VS Technologies has a patent claiming ownership of “method and system for creating an interactive virtual community of famous people.”
TechCrunch asks, “For real?” For real.
Read the article to gain some insight into the law suit. Do you think VS Technologies stands a chance in winning this law suit? After reading the article, I don’t think so.

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