Increasing Your Facebook Fanbase

As a public relations student enrolled in a Social Media Management course this semester as well as the assistant firm director of an account that has created a brand new page for our client, the article 21 Creative Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fanbase from Social Media Examiner quickly grabbed my attention. Whenever creating a new Facebook page for a client, gaining followers can be incredibly difficult and frustrating. Other than generating unique content for your users, the article outlines 21 great ideas for building and maintaining a following for your brand, client or organization. Here are just a few:

1. Add the link of your fan page to your email signature. Therefore, whenever you communicate with your personal and professional contacts you are allowing everyone to directly access your page and providing them with the opportunity to share it with their own contacts.

2. Get fans to tag photos. Whenever you host an event, take several pictures and upload them to your page. Encourage your fans to tag themselves in these pictures because it will create additional (and free!) exposure to others’ news feeds.

3. Make a compelling welcome video. Create a video for your page that explains a.) what your fan page is about, b.) who it’s for and c.) why they should become members. This will allow you to increase your conversion rate from visitors to fans.

4. Place Facebook Ads. This is incredibly affordable and can easily boost your fan page because it is the most targeted traffic your money can buy. Additionally, Facebook displays several friends who have already liked the page, further encouraging their contacts to join.

These are only 4 tips from a list of 21 great ideas! Be sure to check out the rest of the article.

What additional tips do you have for increasing your fanbase on Facebook? Let us know!

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