Good luck!

Good luck on the first day of classes tomorrow from PRowl Public Relations! Here are some tips to get your semester started off right:

  1. Set goals for yourself. Setting goals helps keep me focused and helps me monitor my progress on a personal level.
  2. Make sure you keep your planner up to date. Using your planner early and often will keep you organized when the semester gets hectic.
  3. Start off with an open mind. Try to stay positive even if a class or a teacher sounds less than desirable. I am always more likely to do well if I don’t go into a class with pre-set judgments.
  4. Be diligent from the beginning. Every assessment and reading assignment counts! Don’t goof around in the beginning and have to play catch up at the end.
  5. Make time for yourself. Even though your schedule may get crazy during the semester, make sure to budget time to relax and take a breather. This always helps keep me energized, sane and focused.

What helps you achieve success? What tips would you add to my list?

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