Jets’ Virtual Facebook Application

Products are not the only thing considered a brand. Companies, people and even teams are brands as well. In the next couple of weeks, millions of people will be watching NFL teams race to the Super Bowl. Conversations will revolve around the individual teams in the playoffs. Since playoffs are on everyone’s mind, let us consider how professional athletic teams approach branding.

The use of social media is one modern method teams can utilize to create an image. The New York Jets have pioneered the use of social media within the NFL. With a team Twitter profile, over 20 players with a personal account, a Facebook fan page and a virtual Facebook application, the Jets are creating an image of innovators.
The virtual Facebook application, “Ultimate Fan”, has allowed the New York Jets to place themselves directly in front of their viewers. The author of an article on was able to speak with Matt Higgins, the Executive Vice President of Operations for the Jets. Read the article to find out how Higgins believes the use of social media, especially the “Ultimate Fan” application has successfully connected them with fans.
What is your opinion of this virtual Facebook application? According to a Jets representative, the Jets are proud to own the “1st revenue generating Facebook application to be backed by a sports team.” Should other athletic teams follow?

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