The Social Network

The Social Network (aka: “The Facebook Movie”) has officially been released on DVD as of this Tuesday, January 11! If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s an absolute must-see. I saw the film on opening night in October and there was not a seat left empty. I typically avoid seeing movies in Philadelphia theatres because of all the rude chit chat, but for this movie the audience watched silently on the edge of their seats as the drama behind Facebook unfolded. Okay, I’ll disclose that I may be a biased Justin Timberlake fan, so to give you a more objective opinion of its public and critical acclaim I’ll take a minute to note all of the publications that have named it the “Best Picture of the Year” (To view a more complete list of all award nominations – there must be hundreds – click here):

The New York Times
New York Post
The New Yorker
Los Angeles Times
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
LA Weekly
Entertainment Weekly
Rolling Stone
The Huffington Post
W Magazine
The Associated Press
MSN Movies
Chicago Sun-Times
Denver Post
Boston Phoenix
Cleveland Sun
The Daily Mail
The Daily Telegraph
Miami Herald
Lincoln Journal-Star
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
North County Times
Oklahoma Gazette
Omaha World Herald
Orlando Weekly
Sight & Sound
Time Out Chicago
Time Out New York
Tulsa World

….among others. The movie’s official site,, is also prepped for its award season campaign, complete with wins so far, nominations, interviews with the cast, and conversations with the people behind the editing, design, sound, cinematography, effects, and music score.

Facebook has arguably been the most influential communication and social tool seen so far in our generation, and this film is predicted to go down in history. If you weren’t able to catch it in theatres, now you can watch it in the comfort of your own home!

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